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Consultancy Services


WBF has more than 20 years of Philippine experience in helping companies understand their market and operating environment.  In those years, it has guided over 40 companies in launching their products, developing their market strategies, and identifying opportunities for growth.

WBF has in-house talent capable in carrying out its service commitments to clients, plus an extensive pool of consultants that can be called upon when needed for specific projects.

The staff has intimate knowledge of the Philippine market and sources of vital information – several clients have been surprised that the WBF research yielded certain critical data their planning and marketing departments never thought existed.  Moreover, WBF has a network of associates with ground-level knowledge of specific countries in the Asia-Pacific Region, which can provide support if the extent of work required is regional or cross-country, or if the work needs to be enhanced by country comparisons.

WBF’s consulting services include:

WBF also does conference and seminar organization. Private and public institutions have tapped the various services of the company, which include solicitation of participants, sponsors and guest speakers; selection and booking of the venue, arranging hotel accommodation and transportation for participants; preparing conference materials and presentation slides; covering conference proceedings and generating conclusion reports; arranging media relations; and leasing of conference equipment, among others.

WBF Consultancy Services

  1. Market research – The work that we do mostly deals with determining the peculiar characteristics, size and growth, and outlook of the market faced by the client; and identifying market opportunities and threats. WBF’s capability has guided the investment decisions of close to 50 foreign- and locally-based companies in diverse industries.
  1. Strategic planning – Our service ranges from providing inputs such as market monitoring and information, macroeconomic forecast and/or industry review, to directly facilitating the development of a strategic plan, including identifying the resource requirements and shifts in the business model through an interactive process with the client’s key managers.
  1. Industry analysis – We can determine the size and growth, product segments, demand factors, key players and competitors, policy and external developments, and medium-term outlook of specific industries.
  1. Country risk analysis – WBF has done specialized work for investors needing a quick assessment of the Philippine business environment, especially of the industry they plan to engage in. The work covers political, economic, social and security issues confronting the business sector in general and selected industries in particular; the legal and regulatory frameworks and likely changes in rules; entry requirements; costs and resource availability, etc.
  1. Feasibility study – We can conduct full feasibility analysis, or just a component of it, including identifying the most appropriate location for the company’s facilities, determining the most efficient way of ensuring raw material supply, assessing availability of workers with requisite skills at competitive wages, and assessing the most viable option of securing reliable power supply.
  1. Policy research and advocacy – We have helped shape policy-making in the Philippines. We have successfully worked for the enactment of critical reform legislation for the improvement of the country’s investment environment, which includes reforms in the foreign investment laws, banking, mining and political risk re-insurance, among others. Foreign institutions and business organizations have provided grants to these policy advocacy projects.  Investors can also benefit from our advocacy campaign service as it complements our other consulting services. We not only provide market information and conduct strategic planning services but also assist in identifying policy constraints affecting operations and working though the government to address those policy constraints.
  1. Investment assistance – WBF has been commissioned to evaluate the investment options of various global companies. Some of WBF’s activities in this field included establishment of a joint venture for a group of companies engaged in abaca trading; evaluation of a joint venture agreement of a worldwide producer of wines and liquor; site identification for the facilities of a cigarette manufacturer, a shipbuilder and a foreign bank; and, market entry facilitation for a major diversified company in the food sector.