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News Updates

  • Daily News – a summary of the items in the newspapers that would be of interest to the CEOs, e-mailed early in the morning.

  • Philippine Weekly Update – a 5- to 6-page report provided to members every Monday morning covering all the key issues of the previous week, helping Chief Executives focus only on the issues and events that they need to know.

Analytical Reports

  • The Philippine Alert – a monthly publication that tracks and assesses key developments affecting business during the past month – global/regional, political, economic, policy, etc. – in a form that provides quick reference to all matters of importance, including latest updates on key statistical indicators. It has specific sections for the mining industry, the I.T. industry, and Philippine infrastructure.
  • Quarterly Roundtable (QRT) Reports – Quarterly roundtable meetings are held so members may receive an assessment of the prevailing political, economic, social and business conditions in the country. The QRT looks at how developments in these areas affect the near- to long-term prospects of the country, and at how these developments may affect the members’ businesses. The report, in presentation format, is made available to members. The QRT also provides members with opportunities to interact with senior government officials and other influential decision-makers in a freewheeling, off-the-record discussion of specific issues affecting their business operations.
  • WBF Special Reports – WBF releases various special reports from time to time on issues of specific interest or concern toward a better environment, or understanding of that environment in the Philippines. Go to Suggested Downloads in the Database page for a sample of the WBF Special Report here

  • “Like it is” column in the Manila Standard – Peter Wallace maintains a weekly column in the Manila Standard, which fleshes out the most pertinent issues for business for the moment. Go to Recently Added in the Database page for a sample of the “Like it is column” here
  • WBF Bulletin – WBF Bulletins are also provided to update members on critical events in the country as they unfold. WBF also provides outsourced market, industry and other monitoring reports tailored for specific information needs of certain clients.

Industry Reports

  • Philippine Industry Monitor – a monthly publication that provides a concise report on what’s happening to selected Philippine industries, including a special feature on a specific industry. The report also gives a brief rundown of key political and market developments during the month.


  • Quarterly Roundtable Perception Survey – Every QRT, WBF members are polled to get their views on public policy and governance. This survey series has been running for almost a decade.

  • Corporate Survey – WBF occasionally conducts surveys on the financial and operating performance of MNC’s in the country, their contributions to the country, and the investment and operating issues they are facing.