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We tell it like it is

Keeping the Chief Executive apprised of what he should know to be successful in his business

The Wallace Business Forum’s goal is to keep the Chief Executive appraised of what he should know to be successful in his business by helping him to identify, anticipate, and manage external change more effectively. To that end, we monitor and forecast changes in the political, economic, regulatory, and industry-specific environments. And, if required, can analyze the impact of such developments on individual clients.

Through our integrated package of roundtables, peer group discussions, and publishing services, we help corporations formulated and implement effective strategies for streng-thening their business. Our conferences and roundtables give executives and country managers a unique opportunity to meet with government leaders and other influential decision-makers, and discuss common problems among themselves. We can also organise and manage conferences for corporations. Mr. Wallace is available for in-house briefings on the business environment and ambassador Theo Arnold for cross-cultural briefings.

Country Risk Analysis

Our country risk analysis covers the Philippine business environment and its likely direction, assessing the political, economic and social issues confronting the business sector in general, and selected industries in particular. We operate one of the most successful country programs among our associates in Asia. Our Business Forum offers an integrated package of roundtable meetings, peer group discussions and information services designed to assist country managers of multinational and large Filipino firms cope with changes in the corporate operating environment

Clients are Provided With

ROUNDTABLES. Quarterly roundtable meetings are held where member-clients are given an assessment of the prevailing economic, political, social, and business conditions in the country. The roundtable looks at how developments in these areas affect the medium-term prospects of the country and provides members an opportunity to interact with senior government officials and other influential decision-makers in a freewheeling, off-the-record discussion of specific issues affecting their business operations. Conclusion papers are printed and distributed after each meeting.

SECTORAL LUNCHES. Private, informal lunches are arranged from time-to-time between senior government officials and the members in the sector under his responsibility.

PEER-GROUP MEETINGS. Small peer-group meetings are held on a regular basis where senior executives discuss specific operating issues and concerns, exchange information and business ideas, share corporate operating experiences, and meet informally with leading government officials.

ON-CALL INFORMATION SERVICE. Member clients have access to our database of economic, political and business information by calling our analysts for–specific information or assistance on the country. Or by accessing our website