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WBF members are the decision-makers of the top corporations in the Philippines.  The 130 WBF members operate in a sundry of industries – automotive trade, banking, business process outsourcing (BPO), consumer products, construction, electronics, energy, government, logistics, mining, pharmaceutical trade, property development, public utilities, telecommunications, and transport services, to name a few.

Thank you so much for sharing with me this invaluable report on Barriers to FDI.  Economists understand the great multiplier effect that FDI has, and your study has so many recommendations that really should be the basis for sound government policies and reforms.

Alejandro Melchor III, Governmental Programs Executive, IBM Philippines (

“Definitely provides a lot of good information and, as I always say, the uncensored version of what you otherwise read in the news, and then also just connect with a lot of good advice. I’ve only been here for a year and these guys have really taken good care of me, trying to introduce me to the life here and how things are being run.”

Brooke Butler, Country Manager, Oxford Business Group

“Basically, gives us a much wider view of what’s going on, especially in the first 6 months.”

Eduardo Sahagun, SVP Sales, Marketing & Distribution, Holcim Philippines (

“Thank you for the positive article on the Philippines and the Philippine people written by the WBF with the Epic Group.  As an American seriously contemplating starting a business in the Davao area I will undoubtedly use some of the material contained when I approach investors next year.”

Steve Taylor, American investor

“Your publication provides valuable data that may be used by the House of Representatives as we draft viable and timely measures that would help boost the economy and improve commerce in the Philippines.

Hon. Feliciano Belmonte, Jr., Speaker, House of the Representatives, Republic of the Philippines (