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Peer Group Services


WBF has over a quarter of a century experience in professional consulting and assisting business in their operations in the Philippines.  It has gained a well-deserved reputation among the foreign and local business community in the Philippines for promoting investment and advocating change in the business policy environment for the better.

This considerable breadth of experience can be provided at a personal level to all CEOs and their teams who are in need of guidance to avoid the pitfalls and understand the nuances of doing business in the Philippines and working with Filipinos. WBF CEO Peter Wallace has occasionally acted as conduit for meetings between Philippine government officials and CEOs of MNCs, initiated by either of the 2 parties to resolve problems or raise issues of concern. He is supported by partners who have access to key officials of government and industry leaders.

As part of the WBF membership, the company also arranges small, private, and informal meetings among members to maximize interaction on common operating issues and experiences, and insights amongst them and senior government officials.